GARY RIVERA- President & CEO -

Gary Rivera’s experience in television, filmmaking, live concert production, and eLearning Design and Development spans 25 years. His credits include dozens of PBS documentary films, including an Academy Award nomination.

Gary’s broad skills as a director, cameraman, editor, and sound recordist are evident in all of his current projects. Since 1998, Creative Design Group Inc., has designed and produced films, videos, musical concerts, streaming media programs, DVDs, websites, press events, and several Process Improvement and Product Training initiatives.

When Gary is not working, he enjoys his favorite hobby of flying airplanes!

BIANCA URQUIA - Account Manager -

Bianca is one of our Account Managers on the East Coast. She brings a wide range of background in marketing and account services in the automotive industry.Within CDG, she works directly with our clients to make sure all needs are met!

When Bianca is not working, you can find her exploring her city of Philadelphia with her Basset Hound, Barney!

LAURA LEIFKE- Client Services Intern -

Laura is a rising Junior studying Economics and minoring in French at Boston University. She has hopes to take her studies further into law school for business law. Laura has joined the CDG team as a Client Services Intern for the summer of 2022. She is eager to work directly with our clients, assist in project coordination and account operations, and gain insightful business strategies. Laura is tri-lingual and canspeak German, French, and English. Outside of work, you can find her at an ice rink. She has been a competitive figure skater for about 15 years.

KELSEY MESVESKAS- Vice President of Client
Services - 

Kelsey Mesveskas is a Director of Client Services with the Creative Design Group.

Kelsey has worked for over a decade in the retail and hospitality sectors creating meaningful experiences for customers and coworkers through planning and executing on fully integrated communications and marketing efforts. Kelsey has had the pleasure of supporting the loyal customers of IKEA, SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment, Loews Hotels, Karisma Hotel & Resorts & and a local favorite, Wawa, to name a few. Kelsey holds a Bachelor’s in Communication from The University of Tampa.

SAMI BARRATT- eLearning Developer & Content Creator -

Sami has a passion for design and innovation! She loves to apply creative solutions to design challenges to create meaningful and engaging learning products. Her responsibilities at CDG are to design and build online learning modules with a focus on accessible, user-centered design, informed by tried and tested learning science. She applies her background in visual design to bring excellent visuals and brand consistency to her learning design.

Sami’s favorite hobbies are to explore the world through a camera lens and to go on long runs, preferably in the rain.

JOEL KOSANKE- eLearning Designer -

Joel began his training and development career 17 years ago as a training coordinator and manager with law enforcement. Using his experience in curriculum development and instructional design, he has developed technical training courses as instructor led, eLearning, and On-the-Job Training (OJT) for safety critical jobs with the National Guard, mining, and transportation industries as well as developing eLearning and skills assessments for new employee onboarding for the medical device industry.

When Joel is not trying to keep up with his 9 and 11-year-old boys, you can find him playing or coaching volleyball, which has been his passion for over 25 years.

ALYSON WISTER- Account Supervisor -

Aly Wister is the Account Supervisor at Creative Design Group. She brings a range of communications experience from agencies and in-house digital public relations roles. She is a team player who thinks strategically and thoughtfully. Aly strives to make a positive difference in the world, starting with small actions each and every day.

KARL MILLER- Director of Customer Insights -

For almost twenty years, Karl has used behavioral, demographic, psychographic, and emographic data to explain and predict consumer behavior. As Director of Customer Insights, he ensures that our approach is based on the best data-driven conclusions possible. In this effort, he works closely with our Instructional Design team so that our content and curricula have consumer and client feedback at their foundation.

My favorite book of all time is “Where the Wild Things Are”. It’s a model for living a happy life.

BRAD WALLER- Project Director -

Brad has been online forever (ARPANET account in 1985, websites in 1995, apps in 2008) so he has lots of experience in Web, marketing, affiliate, mobile apps, and more. Brad started his career in the Aerospace industry doing things he still can’t talk about, working in advanced Infrared technology, project management, and marketing.

Brad is also a serial volunteer, serving at every level of the PTA from local through national PTA. Brad previously served on two board of education, and currently on the board of directors for the California State PTA.

Brad lives in Redondo Beach and daily drives his 1967 Chevelle.

JOSHUA RAMOS- Project Manager -

Josh Ramos is a Project Manager at Creative Design Group. Utilizing his experience in Agile Project Management, Digital Marketing, and Event Production, Josh strives to develop and execute projects that not only deliver beyond the expectations of our clients, but help to improve internal processes, work flows and approaches along the way.

Outside of work, you can find Josh training in Martial Arts or on a nice run/hike!

Favorite Quote:
I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times. – Bruce Lee

KRISTIN SWIFT- Project Coordinator -

As the Project Coordinator, Kristin works closely with the CDG Production and Operations teams to ensure that all the moving parts within CDG run smoothly. She supports administrative, financial, and legal efforts to optimize productivity across all departments. Kristin joined the CDG team with a background in production and event planning logistics.

Outside of work, Kristin likes to spend her time riding her road bike around the city of LA.


Stephanie is a writer with a background in automotive, entertainment, and marketing. She is experienced in all stages of production for film, television, and new media. She loves to push creative boundaries to achieve unique views of new and established concepts.

Stephanie enjoys exploring Los Angeles and all its amazing activities and food!

PHIL WESKALNIES- Vice President, Media -

Phillip is a graduate of the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor and brings over 33 years of television experience to CDG. His background is rooted in network on air promotions, specializing in Ad Sales, Marketing and Affiliates campaigns. As a Creative Director, he has been in involved in multiple network launches and re-brands including FiT-TV, Fox Family, and Disney/ABC Family. In 2007 he co-founded M Studios, Inc. where he continued doing network on-air promotions, live event production and video post-production including years of work for CDG.

Phillip enjoys traveling and spending time on the lakes of northern Michigan.


Lori has 20+ years of human resources management experience and has provided outsourced HR support to companies since 2005. Some of the industries that she has serviced are: High-Tech, Advertising/Public Relations, Real Estate, Entertainment, Consumer Goods, Manufacturing and Non-Profit organizations to name a few.

Prior to consulting, Lori was the Corporate Human Resources Director for a worldwide, public company that provides training to Information Technology professionals.

When she’s not working, you can find Lori traveling to new places or quietly tending to her garden.

ANA PATILUKO- Senior Strategist & Instructional Designer -

Ana Patiluko is an Intercultural Creativity® certified learning and development strategist, course creator, and writer. As a creative connector, Ana builds partnerships and is an extroverted facilitator that brings fun to life in cultural team building, DEIB connection, and in neuroscience-based learning methodologies. Ana is the editor and co-strategist with Genein M. Letford, M. ED, who is a global keynote speaker, double award-winning national educator, and the creator of Intercultural Creativity®. Ana believes in the power of story that can help build our cultural awareness, competence, and the human connection needed to create healthy teams and relationships.