We create impactful experiences

for coworkers & customers

At CDG, we have been studying and improving organizational culture for over 25 years. We have worked with some of the world’s leading companies to help them transform their culture and achieve quantifiable results.

We leverage cutting-edge data science and AI technologies to understand the psychology of your teams and your customers and design customized strategies and solutions that fit your specific needs and priorities.

The correlation is clear: if your employee culture is built upon caring, respect, and love, your customers’ experience (CX) will be measurably better. Teams that are happy, engaged, and motivated will go the extra mile for your customers and patients, producing lasting relationships that generate loyalty, referrals, and revenue.

CDG can help you

  • Align your brand vision, values, and employees’ processes and behaviors with your customers’ expectations and needs.
  • Develop and empower your employees to grow personally and professionally through customized curriculum.
  • Measure and monitor how greater ‘customer love’ can drive business success and ROI.

Let’s start to create a better culture for your business, together.