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Delivering retail-strength customer experience

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The arrival of the digital age and surging consumerism in healthcare has led to increased expectations, from patients and health consumers. Among these are improved communication, greater convenience, easier access, and personalized insights that inform decisions.

As the healthcare industry is undergoing tremendous change in technology, data, and a shift to value-based care, forward-thinking providers, payers, and other health stakeholders recognize the importance of experience. It’s essential currency for patient and consumer acquisition, engagement, relationship management, care outcomes, and retention.

Why Customer Experience — and CDG?

Widely accepted and well-proven in the hypercompetitive world of tech and retail companies, CX encompasses all aspects of a customer’s journey, across different interactions, touchpoints, and time.

The modern patient, plan member, and health consumer values a holistic, empathetic, and personalized experience. This requires organizations to create and manage a highly-valued integrated experience through an intricate web of digital, clinical, administrative, and financial transactions.

Scaled and well-executed customer experience (CX) allows organizations to extend the power of their brand promise to actions and communication that creates memorable moments. And memorable moments are the human-fueled building blocks for experiences that influence feelings, perceptions, trust, and loyalty—from individuals, families, and communities.

CDG is a leader in delivering retail-strength CX through its customized strategies and programs. We’ve helped many Tier 1 retail clients, including Microsoft, Lexus, Mercedes-Benz, and Panda Express.

In 2023, CDG’s innovative CX strategies and powerful programs helped Subaru of America reach their best-ever net promoter score (NPS), gain the #1 ranking from JD Power & Associates for customer experience, as well as receiving the top award from S&P Mobility for Highest Overall Loyalty to Dealer—reflecting trust level and return purchasers.

Integrating retail-strength CX into healthcare will drive new levels of patient and consumer engagement, trust, and loyalty.

Reach out to CDG. We can help your organization create more memorable moments, strengthen the integrated experience, while improving loyalty from patients and health consumers.